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During PMS Hormone Levels Are Fluctuating, But Other Factors Could Be The Cause

During PMS Hormone Levels Are Fluctuating, But Other Factors Could Be The Cause
Although the exact cause of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is unknown, researchers do know that during PMS, hormone levels are fluctuating, estrogen levels are lower than at any other time of the month. Whether low levels of these hormones circulating in the blood stream causes the "PMS blues" or if chemicals in the brain are to blame is being investigated. As with many medical conditions, we may never know exactly what causes PMS. "But you know we can't help it... we don't even know the cause...But as soon as this part's over then comes the menopause, " sings Dolly Parton in the song titled PMS blues. And, Dolly's right. We don't know the cause. And, for many of us, menopause is just around the corner accompanied by hot flashes, more mood swings, weight gain and decreased sex drive. Once menopause is over, we have increased health risks unique to post-menopausal women. Is it really any wonder that we're depressed? According to the Clevel
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