No matter how well you protect your babies from harmful external factors; there are high chances that your kids could be bitten by tiny insects such as mosquitoes, ants, bug or even fleas. Basically, kids are very active – they are not going to stay still for a moment or confine themselves to a place. They may want to go outdoors or hang out here and there in the house, which makes it easy for them get insect bites because insects could be anywhere indoors or outdoors. Typically, the bites will cause itchiness, redness and pain also. They can heal it themselves, but the victims may experience a lot of discomfort. Here in this article we are going to address the question how treat insect bites on babies, specifically mosquito bite, ant bite, bed bug bite, and flea bite. As mentioned earlier, the treatment for insect bites boils down to removing or calming the discomfort that your babies have to suffer. The symptoms could be different to each individual depending on the number of bi