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The Relationship Between Writing An Essay And Reading

Image result for The Relationship Between Writing An Essay And Reading

For many years and schools, you could find that writing and reading teaching is done separately. Despite that, teaching and writing are done by the same person on language arts period. Moreover, the educators didn’t make explicit connections for their students between writing and reading. It is through research that suggests that the two are still independent.

People can think their relationship to be like that of egg and chicken. So, what came first is no longer an issue, but without any of them, the other can’t exist. When the student is learning, his literacy development depends on the connection between reading and essay writing.

What is the relationship between writing an essay and reading?

You should consider the fact that essay help is assisted by reading ability. From some recommendations, you will find that reading instruction becoming more effective when you intertwine with writing essay instructions and vice versa.

Through research, it suggests that for a person to write a better essay, he must be reading extensively. When you read a variety of genres, you will learn language and text structures that you need to transfer to your writing. Besides, reading will also provide prior knowledge to use in their stories. The primary reason for reading is learning.

For students while at school, the significant portion of knowledge is through reading texts. Writing is, therefore, the act of transferring knowledge in print, and you need information you can share to writing. It, therefore, a significant concern for a student to read more and become better essay writers for their assignments and projects.

Besides, its necessary to keep practicing writing to build expertise in the field. You can also have ease when you are analyzing other people researches.

How can you improve writing essays?

It is never enough to know that reading and writing is an intimately connected process. So that you can develop writing skills, you need to take more time to master the essential writing styles. With proper strategies, you can reinforce your essay writing skills.

Genre study to improve writing

When want to improve your writing, you need to choose a genre of your choice to help you learn. After learning, you can start writing in style. When you are not adequately enhanced, you can seek help from others to guide you with writing essays. It should be a recursive process that allows you to write in the genre.

In the end, you will gain a robust and rich knowledge of writing essays on the genre, and with time, you will strengthen writing with the other styles. You will not find it easy to write. Despite the fact, Shakespear referred a pen to be mightier than a sword although not enough to make you a competent writer.


In the end, you should know that good writing will not happen accidentally. You might think that an effective essay writing is concise and transparent as possible, but you will find that it's theoretically easier than practicing. It's a recommendation for you to exercise writing sample essays from various subjects. Even though they must not be masterpieces but with regular practice, it will change, and you be prepared in a better way. So, you will, therefore, realize that the more you practice will make you better to writing original essays. 

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